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A note from our Founder

Growing up in the islands of Hawaii most of us speak with a modified or broken English language called "Pidgin English." It is a unique way of using the basic English language in conjunction with words or pronunciations and/or short cuts from other languages to formulate a sentence structure that best describes what one is trying to say. This type of language (Pidgin English) was created during the immigration and plantation days of old Hawaii.

Old Hawaii was a destination hot spot for all foreigners seeking freedom and a new life. Since most plantation workers immigrated to Hawaii from different countries, they communicated by adopting words from one another’s native cultures.  Thus, Pidgin English was also used among the immigrant plantation workers as means of communicating with privacy. Meaning, they could speak to one another without their bosses understanding what they were saying.

That leads me to the origins of "Chillaxin’." With my own family roots stemming from the immigration and plantation eras, we’ve always had a unique way of communicating with each other. Ever since we were kids, we would create our own words to communicate with each other. We also modified words so that it sounded really cool. In the early 90’s, my cousin stumbled across a word as he was trying to tell us he was ‘Chillin’ and Relaxin’. "I’m chillaxin’," he simply said. It sounded so cool to me that I instantly realized this was not just a cool word, it’s a lifestyle.

Since then, I’ve made every attempt to expose the general public to this phenomenon called "Chillaxin’."

Chillaxin’ (Chil-aks-n’) v. (1) to release oneself from inhibition, worry, tension, etc. (2) to kick back, take it easy (3) to be chillin’ and relaxin.’

Over the years, the Hawaiian slang word "Chillaxin’" has made its way into films, television, plays, music, our apparel, internet, and everyday conversation for people around the world. Since 2002 we have been selling laidback lifestyle clothing and accessories – it is going to be really fun to see where we all go together from here….

Keep on chillaxin’, KP