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About Us

Chillaxin’ is a way of life…. A don’t sweat the small stuff because it’s all small stuff kind of mentality…a vibe, an internal feeling of peace, calm and laidbackness…..

Chillaxin’ – (Chil-aks-n’) v. 1. to release oneself from inhibition, worry, tension, etc. 2. to kick back, take it easy. 3. To be chillin’ and relaxin’.

Chillaxin’ is an apparel company focused on stylish, durable & versatile clothing for leisure, travel and the great outdoors… 

From our humble beginnings in Honolulu in 1991 when our founder, Kyle Paredes, and his cousin first coined the term, chillaxin’, we have been on a quest to live the chillaxin’ lifestyle.

In the early days of the company, the chillaxin’ crew consisted of KP (Kyle) and his family and a few close friends. The chillaxin’ crew went on a quest to spread the good new word they created. Chillaxin’ in those days was more about spending as much time outside doing the fun things in life than building a business... KP and company were on a quest to conquer the outdoors on every front. The crew were actively involved throughout Hawaii and the west coast in surfing, skating, free diving, spear fishing, snowboarding / skiing, mountaineering, backpacking and just plain chillaxin’ under the stars.  

They were on a mission to define and develop the complete chillaxin’ lifestyle.  Before long KP had people asking him to make tshirts with this new cool word on it…. Slowly but surely, KP and crew started to print high quality tshirts with very minimalist art emphasizing the word chillaxin’. The shirts were very popular among native Hawaiian people of all ages. One thing for sure – all Hawaiians instinctively enjoy chillaxin’.

By early 2002, KP and crew were designing apparel and even chillaxin’ beverages for the growing number of chillaxin’ loyal. From those humble beginnings has come a new and exciting chapter for chillaxin’ as the company has grown to offer tshirts, hats, jewelry and other memorabilia throughout Hawaii and the mainland US. In 2011 Chillaxin Hawaii joined forces with marketing firm, Innovation Village and opened a new office on the mainland in Winston Salem, NC. 

With the original headquarters in Honolulu still driving research and development from a “chillaxin’ perspective”, the company is working with many artist, musicians, actors and entrepreneurs to develop fun and meaningful products that fit the chillaxin’ lifestyle.  

Please let us know if you have an idea for a cool new chillaxin product – Contact Us

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